Carpet cleaning

At Clifford Cleaning we believe that it is essential to use the best carpet cleaning equipment to achieve the best results. Our carpet cleaning technicians are eager to please through great results, attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction.

Our carpet cleaning process includes the removal of dirt and grit from beneath the carpet pile surface and the restoration of colour by removing stubborn and sightly stains from the carpet fibres. Plus, all of our cleaning products are anti-bacterial so our carpet cleaning process is very clean and very healthy.

The Service Involves

  • Vacuum the carpet

  • Pre treat the carpet i.e stain removing

  • Clean the carpet with our carpet cleaning hot water extraction machine

  • Remove as much excess moisture from the carpet

  • Pack our tools away

Upholstery cleaning

First of all we vacuum the suite/upholstery. As you can imagine, it can act like a filter for dust. Then we pre-treat the upholstery. We concentrate on the hard hit areas like the arms, especially where the head rests and behind where the legs sit. We also do spot and stain removal at this point if there are any. We let that dwell for 10 minutes then we use our spray and extraction system to do a deep clean on the upholstery. We spray a detergent and deodoriser down onto the material and instantaneously vacuum extract the solution away. Ultimately, it just leaves your upholstery really clean, fresh and smelling nice.

Leather cleaning

The Service Involves

  • Assess the condition of the upholstery including spot testing

  • Vacuum the upholstery to remove dust and ground in dirt

  • Pre treat the upholstery to loosen grease and dirt

  • Rinse and extract using deodorisers and detergents

  • Remove excess moisture

First, we vacuum the leather to remove any loose debris. We then spray a leather cleaner and conditioner onto the upholstery which allows us to agitate and deep clean the leather. We then rinse, repeat and dry. To finish, we treat the leather upholstery with a conditioner. This will replace natural oils and restore suppleness. It also help to protect. Ultimately, it just leaves your upholstery really clean, fresh and smelling nice.

Rug cleaning

We use a spray and extraction process for rug cleaning.

Is it a patterned or plain rug?

How long have you had it for?

Have you had it professionally cleaned before?

Rugs are always cleaned subject to a colourfast test just to make sure the colours are stable. Once that’s been determined, we vacuum the rug front and back. Rugs have a dense pile so its important that they're vacuumed thoroughly first. Then we pre-treat the rug and agitate it with a pile a brush. This will loosen up any ground in dirt in between the fibres. We then spray our detergents and deodorisers down, directly onto the rug and instantaneously vacuum extract the solution away ultimately leaving the rug really clean, fresh and smelling nice.

We clean all types of Fabrics!

  • Any Carpets 

  • Leather Upholstery

  • Fabric Upholstery


  • Carpet Protector

  • Scotchguard

  • Curtain Cleaning

  • Mattress Cleaning

  • Pet Sanitiser


















Katherine Kirk

''Fantastic experience from start to finish. Jade who dealt with my booking was very professional and helpful. On the day, the guys who came to clean my oven and carpets were very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job. Thank you'' 

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We are your friendly Oven, Carpet and Upholstery cleaning specialist in Lincoln. We launched our business in Lincoln to provide people with effective and affordable Oven, Carpet & Upholstery cleaning solutions.

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